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Air Tracks

Inflatable Air Mats & Tracks for Australian Gymnasts

Train your team using high quality and safe air mats. Our inflatable mats and tracks are made for gymnasts and gyms looking for better ways to practice drills, tumblingand other movements. Gymnastics Direct provides Australia with the best gear available, allowing safer transitions from mat to ground. Browse today.

Air tracks for tumbling, running and drills

Gymnastics Direct began in 2006, and has continued to expand their affordable, high quality gymnastics range ever since, which now includes mats, training aids, balance beams, training bars, pommel bucks and rings. The expansive range lets us provide you with the best possible service and equipment for training, allowing young gymnasts to practice more efficiently. We are proud to be the most visited gymnastics store in Australia, and boast fast delivery and prompt customer service for our whole client-base.

Our family background arms us with the knowledge and passion to provide you with the best gymnastic equipment. From cartwheels to handstands, tumbling to balancing, we give you the flexibility to practice how you need. Our affordable prices mean that we can provide gyms all across the country with the best available equipment to keep people safe and healthy. Order today and discover the difference!

High quality, durable mats for safety & training

From flexible gym mats for drills and tumbles, to cheerleading mats for training, Gymnastics Direct has a wide selection of safety equipment, training tools, bars, mats and accessories to keep your gymnasts safe and in shape. Our inflatable air tracks are great for gyms training students and professionals, but it’s also a great at-home piece, as it can easily be packed up if moving. Buy your tumbling air mats from Gymnastics Direct and see how professional Australian gymnasts are training.