Air Track Tumbling Run- 6m

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NEW- Australia's best value for money inflatable tumbling run. The Gymnastics Direct Air Track is an elite quality inflatable training aid, and we deliver this six metre Air Track mat at an incredibly competitive price.Blue and white colour

Air Track Tumbling Run Specifications

The Gymnastics Direct Air Track tumbling run comes in a traditional blue and white colour for a sleek and professional look.

With a large size of 6m x 2m x 20cm, this tumbling run is perfect for beginner gymnasts as well as experienced athletes.Included in the price is an electric pump and bag.

Included in the price is an electric pump, storage bag and repair kit.

2 year manufacturers warranty (does not cover wear and tear, accidental puncture and misuse)

Gymnastics Direct Air Track products lead the Australian market

An unbeatable value proposition in the Australian market. Gymnastics Direct is the leading provider of value for money Air Tracks in the Australian market. This tumbling run is no different. Built for safety and comfort of the gymnast, as well as to last, this is the perfect tumbling run and it’s available for a shockingly low price.


enlightened Check out out Gymnastics Direct 6m Air Track in action.

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